Structural Investigations

We can evaluate the foundation and framing systems, soil conditions, site drainage for your residence. All inspections performed personally by Brian Hildenbrandt.

Brian is a Colorado Registered Professional Engineer, and has been performing Structual Inspections for 20 years, and 15 years in Colorado Springs. Brian has performed over 2,000 inspections of homes, mostly in Colorado Springs. The purpose of our structural inspection is to determine the condition of the residence foundation and framing system and to predict the future performance of the foundation system. We can determine if the noted distress to the residence is only cosmetic in nature, or if the distress represents the more serious condition of foundation movement. We will also determine if there has been past seepage into basement or crawl space areas and if future seepage is expected.

If foundation strengthening or stabilization work is deemed appropriate, we can also prepare a site specific foundation stabilization plan for the residence. Where seepage conditions exist, we will provide recommendations, including subdrain details, to minimize or prevent future seepage into the basement/crawl space areas.